Advisory Services

From project feasibility and financing to project and programme management and asset optimisation, our advisory services are structured to assist your organisation overcome obstacles and achieve successful outcomes. Our project teams plan, lead and control every aspect of the project lifecycle across all various industries. including water, transport, mining and energy. We do this by combining our skills in infrastructure investing, programme / project planning, engineering, and asset optimisation. We combine strategic analysis with technical acumen, to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. It is an approach designed to help client stakeholders make informed decisions in order to optimize CAPEX and OPEX while reducing the risk profile of the project. Our team helps clients unlock the full potential of infrastructure finance by providing sound advice on risk and how it can be managed, as well as by identifying opportunities to improve the value and sustainability of projects. We do this by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facilities management and asset optimisation with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding and finance.

Project / Program Management

Infrastructure and built environment projects are increasingly complex and expectations from government, industry and society are rising. Projects and programmes must be delivered with ever increasing efficiency, in both time and money, with enhanced sustainability and a 100% commitment to HSE. Successful delivery depends on understanding and overcoming challenges around governance, risk, scope control, stakeholder engagement and the capability of the team. Our project and programme managers have the leadership expertise and experience to address these challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, in which we endeavour to add structure. We typically work as members of integrated project and programme teams, while ensuring that all disciplines are aligned to meet the project deliverables. Our project managers constantly check that we are focusing on the right things and that we are doing them in the right way. This includes having the appropriate project and programme management tools, tailored to the needs of the client and the task, and being able to provide timely and accurate information to support decision making.

Project Finance Support

Delivery of privately financed infrastructure projects is a complex process requiring expert advice. Investors need to know their money is being invested in projects that offer clear returns and predictable cash flows from appropriate structures. Developers and operators, meanwhile, need to choose the right type of capital and financing model to ensure projects are affordable, provide value for money and offer a stable, lasting legacy. We work with our partners who are infrastructure finance advisory experts, to help clients understand the nature of risk and opportunity in funding, financing and investing in infrastructure and projects. Our experts are active in the energy, transport, mining and water sectors, and their activity covers infrastructure and project finance, as well as mergers and acquisitions.
Our infrastructure finance services cover:
  • 1. Market assessment and development
  • 2. Project preparation
  • 3. Transaction advisory