Energy Development Company (EDC) is a UAE based professional advisory and asset development company focused on the non-renewable, renewable and infrastructure sectors in Africa, Latin America and other Frontier markets.

At EDC, we understand the need for "T" shaped professionals with broad skills and immersive experience to solve complex technical and business problems across the entire investment lifecycle.

Our collective expertise are derived from the numerous projects each professional has worked upon and the ability of our team to analyze and understand multifaceted data sets in order to identify key sources of value, uncertainties and solutions to complex energy challenges.

EDC has developed unique partnerships in finance and technology, dedicated to supporting asset owners in maximizing the value of their resources.

Our core team has over 100 years of experience advising energy and infrastructure companies, from governments to NOC's to large-cap multi-nationals to small, independent owners. We understand how to speak the language of asset owners and financial partners, both large and small, to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

EDC provides a wide range of integrated solutions to the energy industry and supports new venture activities including but not limited to network building, project identification, feasibility studies, negotiations, tender support, technical and commercial project evaluations, investment sourcing and project execution.

We value honesty and conduct our business in an ethical manner.
We work in synergy and through partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
We embrace a culture of diversity and mutual respect. We are committed to an ethos of understanding.
We consider ourselves responsbile for our activities and work in a sustainable manner to ensure resource conservation.

Our Mission


To be the leading UAE based, African and frontier market focused asset development company assisting our clients to capture latent value.



To bring energy to the places where it is needed the most

Value Proposition


Developing medium to low risk opportunities by the use of investment capital, technology and management expertise to unlock project value.

Leadership Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, we've got a well-seasoned team to address the requirements of our clients.

Darrell Foxx

Managing Consultant (Integrated Project Delivery)

Frank Boettcher

Principal Consultant (Development)

Tomas Matta

Principal Consultant (Production)

Donnie Bachan

Principle Consultant (Digital Solutions)

Hammad Javed



Thought innovators and industry experts across their disciplines render advice to our leadership team.

Ebele Okeke

Board Member

Saleh Abdul Samad

Board Member

William Devoto

Board Member

Deena Barakat

Board Member


Energy Development Company is uniquely positioned to create value for our client by leveraging structured processes underpinned by sound technical knowledge. In addition to our business objectives, the impact of our activities on improving the lives of the communities / countries in which we operate is
central to everything we do. We integrate responsible business practices and comprehensive environmental, social and governance standards (ESG) in everything we do.



We partner with and assist clients in our areas of expertise and only in markets where we understand their mechanics, political and cultural nuances.



Based on combined decades of experience in technical and commercial functions, we are able to execute a variety of transactions.


Access to projects across the energy and infrastructure spectrum reduces our risk exposure compared to focus on a single domain.


Our team comprises professionals who have lived and worked in Africa and other growth markets with a distinct understanding of multiple local markets and sectors.